Adult Micro Scooters Buyers Guide

Why should the kids have all the fun?

More and more people are looking for a healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly way to travel short distances quickly. Walking is a great choice, but scooting might just be a better one. It’s faster than walking, you can literally ride the moral high ground as you glide past air polluting, stationary traffic. It’s good for the soul and good for the core and legs too. And when scooting a mile only takes 6 minutes, what’s not to like?

Micro scooters have one of the best selections of adult kick scooters out there. Premium quality, built to last with replaceable parts and large 200mm wheels to make scooting smoother and easier, no matter if you are scooting the commute, the school run or a jolly round the local park with the kids. All adult Micro Scooters are also foldable, meaning that they are easy to store and transport.

Types of Adult Micro Scooter

Micro Classic White / Black: The original adult micro scooter and a consistent best seller, introducing millions of adults to the joy of scooting.

Flex Deluxe Cream: Same large 200mm wheels as the classic but with a more flexible, shock absorbing deck, great for uneven or bumpy ground.

Suspension Black: High end scooter, complete with a suspension system for a super smooth scoot. The best scooter for taller riders.

Speed Various: Teen/Adult cross over scooter with medium sized 145mm wheels, can take rider weight up to 95kg. Lightweight and portable, an excellent scooter for hop on and hop off journeys.

Food for thought

Half of the UK working population commute less than 3 miles to work. That’s just an 18-minute scoot. Could you scoot your commute? Instead of park and ride could you park and scoot?

We constantly hear how beneficial walking, cycling or scooting the school run is for children, that they arrive at school with increased mental alertness, energy, positivity and self-esteem, but sometimes we forget that the same benefits apply to adults who start their working day with fresh air in their lungs and with a burst of physical activity. A scooter might not just be a wise investment for your physical health but for your mental health as well.

You can view our full range of Adult Micro Scooters here