Triple 8 Protection

Born on the streets of New York City, Triple Eight launched their first helmet in 1996 and have been making tough, stylish protective gear ever since. Triple 8 has continually been updating and improving their protective equipment embracing advancements in technology and materials.

Triple 8 is tough and packed with innovations such as their moisture-wicking Sweatsaver lining and energy-dispersing Conehead EPS liner, all designed to keep you protected and as safe as can be - it’s no wonder they have earned a great reputation in the skate, bike, snow, water and derby gear arenas.

Triple 8 products are always of the highest quality and craftsmanship and are built so you can push harder and faster and feel confident you’re protected when you take a slam. From head to toe, there are Triple 8 products to keep you safe and we can’t recommend them enough.

They have some huge names on their team too, such as Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Dora Varella, Bonnie Thunders, Erin Jackson and Queen Looseyateefa to name but a few!

We stock Triple 8 helmets, padded shorts, gloves, knee, elbow and wrist guards. We also have sets of pads too, so you can pick up everything you need at a great price. But, that’s not all, you’ll also find Triple 8 have a broad selection of styles to fit your style so you look rad while you’re out there shredding.

Check out our Triple 8 range here.