TikTok and the Growing Popularity of Rollerskating

As roller skating has quickly made a huge comeback over the last two years, the popularity of it has blown people away with the massive amount of skaters in the community coming together to promote the sport. This rise in popularity is not only due to the UK lockdowns, but also due to an increasing amount of exposure on the new and popular social media app TikTok.

As the world’s fastest growing app, this has brought the knowledge of roller skating to a whole new level. Whether you have been inspired by the TikTok or are already a long term skater, see just how fast the skating industry has grown thanks to the famous media app.

How TikTok has impacted the roller skating industry
For those who have been involved in the craze of the new social sensation, you too will have likely seen regular roller skating content making it to your ‘for you page’. With edgy backdrops and nostalgic music, roller skaters have peaked and interested people across the world. TikTok stars like Ana Coto have foreseen huge recognition thanks to the popularity of her roller skating videos that have certainly been a crowd pleaser. From here this only sparked an abundance of creators to put out similar content to showcase their skills and control of the sport.

As well as roller skating in general making a comeback, TikTok has foreseen a range of skate park videos of people on roller skates performing impressive flips and tricks that have also surfaced on the app. Influencing an increased number of people to take on the skate park and try out moves of their own, skate parks across the world have been filled with experienced and beginner roller skaters practicing their skills. Perhaps you are wanting to master the sport, make sure you learn the fundamentals of roller skating before trying your hand at a skate park trick!

Roller skaters have even utilised the app to document their skating learning journeys and share their favourite tips and tricks that helped them. With this, they have taken away the illusion of difficulty that has come from seeing influencers rolling backwards into the sunset, and brought the hobby a little more down to earth. This has not only helped to grow their TikTok platforms, but has made a huge difference in helping the skating community come together and help one another.

What are the benefits of roller skating?
Roller skating has become a fun hobby that many people have taken up to keep fit and enjoy themselves over the past year. As the popularity of the sport is still on the rise, learn to skate classes have popped up across the country, alongside a range of organised skate events. The hobby is almost like a workout in itself, as from a fitness aspect it requires constantly bent knees and fully engaged core muscles. This in turn can burn between 350 and 600 calories for those performing intense skating.

As more and more people are realising the health benefits to roller skating, TikTok challenges have helped promote the sport as more people have become open to wanting to try something new and meet like-minded people as a result of it. Whether you are starting out and need some pointers, or are a skating pro wanting to touch up on your skills, social media apps like TikTok are a great way to find out about the latest welcoming groups to skate with and become involved in the skating industry.

The importance of roller skating protection
An aspect that appears to not be promoted as such in popular TikTok roller skating videos, is the required safety gear. Kitting yourself out with knee pads, helmets, wrist guards and more is incredibly important, especially for those starting out. Here at Slick Willie’s, we stock a range of brands that create fun and stylish skating protection to suit your aesthetic. If you're looking to take the leap to try roller skating or want to upgrade your current skates, then we have many skates available for men, women and children to suit any budget or taste.

Finding your perfect pair of roller skates
If you want to become involved in the TikTok sensation of roller skating, then there are a few tips for your skating gear that you must take into consideration. Choosing roller skates that are suitable for outdoor use is important, as the larger and softer the wheel is, the less likely you are to trip over rocks and bumps in the road. Wheel hardness is measured by numbers with the letter A, generally softer wheels below 82A are ideal for harsher surfaces like the street and local park. Harder wheels above 82A are faster and more suitable for smooth surfaces like the skatepark or roller disco.

At Slick Willie’s, we offer an impeccable range of adult roller skates for all abilities and styles. No matter what your style is, we have plenty of awesome roller skate products such as Rookie roller skates and Rio roller Skates. The great range of high-end brands that are offered is excellent with some of the best roller skates in the industry. With such a diverse range of skates sold at Slick Willie’s to suit every skater's needs and preferences, find your perfect pair today with the help of our skating specialists.