Thrasher: Skater of the Year 2020

The first Thrasher: Skater of the Year (SOTY) was award to Tony Hawk back in 1990 and has become one of the most coveted awards in skateboarding and this year’s SOTY is no different.

Nominees were selected based on their contributions to skateboarding during past year and how rad their video parts were. This year’s nominees included, amongst others, Elijah Bearl, Jamie Foy, Pedro Delphino, Breana Geering, Tom Knox, Mason Silva and Louie Lopez, all gnarly powerhouses!

But, there can be only one winner and results are in... Ladies and gentlemen, Thrasher's Skater of the Year 2020 is… Mason Silva!

Check out his Spitfire part below, his fourth part this year, which, in the words of Thrasher is “a breakthrough in physics, annihilating legendary spots and melting rails on contact” and we 100% agree.

Congrats Mason!

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