Slick's Skate Store Team Rider Interview: Jaro Hajdik

Hello, hello,
Stephen here. Last week I went live on the @Slicks_Skates Instagram to ask our team rider Jaroslav Hajdik some questions. I asked him about his past, present and future with skating and all the answers were super interesting as you will see. Jaro has achieved a huge amount in his skating already even though he has only been on wheels for a short time. Here's some highlights from the full video.

I was supposed to ask Jaro how he started skating but I skipped to “How did your Slicks journey begin?” but Jaro knew to answer in the correct order.
“When I started to skate, which was when covid started. It was in 2020, on the beginning of the year, uh February.” “As a small child I was actually skating, before when I like 8/9/10, and uh that thing that I can’t do something actually brought me to skates because I wanted to um, I wanted to do the slide. I wanted to do the parallel slide and uh, I wanted it that much that I actually did it. It became my passion, I found myself in the community and every time I am skating it feels like I’m expressing myself with the moves, so It feels very relaxing and I enjoy a lot. So this is how I found myself in skating.”

“So with Slick’s, uh, they started to advertise the position of a team rider, that they are looking for someone and uh, the only requirement was to make content for Slicks, so they could actually say if it is good enough to be apart of the Slick’s team. And I did the video, they liked it and they just invited me so I started to skate with you guys.”

What was your first pair of skates?
“Originally when I was 8 years old, on my birthday, I was actually given Bauer skates. In that time which was eh…20 years ago. So ehm.. since that moment, when I bought new skates it was 2019, when the Covid hit actually, 2020. It was Powerslide Kaze. This model, 110. Which was 3 wheels setup. I really enjoyed but they were super small so it was very painful but anyway I was skating them just because I loved skating. So yeah, Powerslide Kaze.”

Out of all the types of skating you do, which is your favourite?
“Well to be honest with you, lately it has been Wizard. It’s just because, when I see people do the tricks I find it very smooth, very controlled. I personally like the moves and I enjoy the flow. Also It’s very, I would say gentle, to your knees, to your body. If you fall doing Wizard it’s obviously different from falling doing say a 540 mute. So it’s nice to have like a balance between lets say aggressive skating or even speed skating or trying something else like for example wizard. But exactly as you mentioned. Slides is also one of my favourite disaplines. It was one of the reasons why I actually started the parallel slide.

Jaro and I had a lovely conversation as we always do. He is an absolute pleasure to be around. So humble and friendly. Jaro just wants to have a good time with everyone else having a good time around him. What a beautiful human. Be sure to keep in the loop with the #slicksskatecrew on Instagram to see more adventures with Jaro.

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