Team Rider Interview: Ilaria Di Maio

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Stephen here. Last week I went live on the Slick's Skates Instagram to ask our team rider Ilaria Di Maio some questions. Find out how she ended up in London with a Scottish accent and more about why she skates the way she does. Here is a quick example of some of her answers.

So Ila, You are here and doing this interview because you strap wheels to your feet. So how did that start?
So, it’s actually quite fun, because I was really bored one summer in Italy. I did not know what to do. I tried all the sports in the world and then someone gave me their skates and I tried them and then I just fell in love and I never wanted to stop skating.

How did you end up over here?
I did not know what to do with ma life. So, (Laughs) I decided to get a year, like a gap year for myself to try and understand what I wanted to do. I started as an Au Pair, which is when you go in a family in a different country and take care of their children, meanwhile you just explore, learn the language and well.. two months after I landed here I met this guy so it was pretty clear what was going to happen from then. We just started skating and it was like aw yeah! I got a new skating friend. Obviously by that point I had met the London Street Skate family and a few of the London Skate Life people but then I met this guy at the halloween party then we just started skating and then we got here.

How did the Slick’s story begin?
The Slick’s story began in 2021? Well in 2020 cause the start of 2021 Slick’s was looking for a team, like a team of riders for the shop and we applied with some, a couple of videos. I uploaded a video, he uploaded a video and then we got picked for the team which was really nice and we were super happy about it because Slick’s also really helped us moving to London because without Slick’s we wouldn’t have been here. We also got a job in Slick’s which is really nice.

Let’s talk about your skate set up right?
Do you wanna see it? (Get’s her skates). This setup is a FR Igor 2021 with a FR Triskate, Triframe, what do you call it? Well, frame with 3 wheels and Undercover teams in 125 and I just love them so much. (Kisses skate) Why? Because I dunno. I just wanted to have something fast so I was like, what’s fast? Tryskates! Okay, well I want the biggest cause the biggest is gonna be the fastest so I just went for the 125s not even thinking twice but yeah I find myself really enjoying it.


Ila and I, being a couple working together, spend a fair amount of time with each other. She quickly became one of the most important people in my life and together we have been motivating each other to strive for a life full of fun on wheels. She has brought her colourful, bright personality into the skate scene and has helped many others through the shop, Instagram and meeting people at events, to look at skating the way she does and to enjoy it as much as they can. Be sure to keep in the loop with the #slicksskatecrew on Instagram to see more adventures with Ila.

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