Slick's Skate Store Team Rider Interview: Daisy B

Hello, hello, Stephen here. Today we shall be earning a little more about another one of our team members. This month we asked our amazing quad skater Daisy Bratton some questions about her skating life.

When Slick’s were looking for skaters for the Slicks Skate Crew I suggested they take a look at a young quad skater I had seen absolutely killing it at a competition in Edinburgh a few years before. Daisy stood out to me as she was considerably younger than most skaters yet the tricks she was doing did not reflect this at all. I think she was probably too young to compete in that competition but still managed to get a prize for throwing a huge 360 over a jump box.

A few years had passed since that trip to Edinburgh so we had a look at what Daisy was getting up to and we were extremely impressed. Daisy is now 14 years old and currently lives in the west of Scotland regularly skating at Unit23 skatepark, helping to teach other young skaters and always improving her own skills. You can check out her Instagram here.

When did you start skating?
I started roller skating when I was 11, my first skates were Rio Roller milkshakes and Chick from the Skatepark (unit23) made me a tiny pair of sliders as my feet were so small. I used to skateboard before that, my mum bought roller skates for roller derby and used to practice skating around while I was boarding, I wanted to give it a try. Turned out I loved it and was quite good at it.

What skate setup do you have?
I have 3 pairs of skates. My favourite pair are my Antik AR2’s, they have a Sunlite plate, Moxi Fundae wheels & toe stops and Wildbone Sliders and Better Bearings. I use these in the skatepark, I also have a pair of Moxi Lolly skates in green that I use for outdoors. My 3rd pair is a cool Vans custom set up that my mum made for me, they are black with pink & green.

How many competitions have you entered and have you won any?
There aren’t many roller skate competitions in the UK, Iv only entered 1 competition and I came first ???? maybe I’ll get to travel to America one day to enter more.

Who is your favourite skater to watch?
My favourite skater to watch is Bomba Hache, she’s from Spain and she is really awesome aggressive skater, she is so talented and such a lovely person. I met her at a special coaching session in Scotland, I learned so much from her.

What are your future goals for your skating?
My future goals, I’d love to travel the world and roller skate. I’d also love to come to London again, I had a great time exploring the city with Whataspoon. I love that roller skating is encouraging more girls into the skatepark, id like to keep encouraging more to join us. Skating is such an inclusive community, Iv made so many friends. Roller skating empowers and inspires girls and it’s also so much fun ????

Daisy is sponsored by: CIB Scotland, Unit23 Skatepark, Wild Bones and Better Bearings.

It was amazing to have Daisy visit the shop recently to say hello. We went for a little cruise around London and visited Meanwhile Skatepark which is not too far from the shop to get a few quick clips. We hope that as Daisy gets older we can help push her skating further and get her involved with more of the team trips and events.

Check her out here too.