Slick Profiles: Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire wheels are undeniably one of, if not the best, skateboard wheel companies in the world. They are consistently the number one choice of the pros and, when flipping through the pages of Thrasher or watching the latest skate video, it’s not a surprise to see the Spitfire Flame Head emblazoned on clothing and boards with Spitfire wheels spinning below.

Founded in 1987 by San Francisco local, Jim Thiebaud, Spitfire is part of the Deluxe Distribution family and sits alongside other well respected brands; Real, Thunder Trucks, Venture, Krooked and Anti Hero Skateboards.

Jim Thiebaud’s skateboarding career and contribution to skateboarding is both incredible and vast. Some highlights would be riding as an amateur for Powell-Peralta, a pro for Santa Monica Airlines and co-founding Real Skateboards with former Powell-Peralta teammate Tommy Guerrero, a skateboard team who became one of the most influential teams in Skateboarding.

Jim is one of the guys keeping the wheels rolling at Deluxe Distribution and actively continues to nurture future skateboarding. He’s well known as being one of the nicest people in skateboarding and been instrumental in helping create worthwhile charities and causes within skateboarding that give back, support those in need, and perpetuate the idea of skateboarders taking care of their own. It’s this same mentality that has made Spitfire the company it is - it’s by skateboarders, for skateboarders!

Over the years, Spitfire Wheels have sponsored some of the biggest names in skateboarding and it’s legacy continues to this day with riders such as Lance Mountain, Ishod Wair, Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, John Cardiel, Eric Koston, Evan Smith, Jamie Foy, Shane O’Neill, Theotis Beasley, Erik Ellington, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto Guy Mariano, Chris Cole and Thrasher’s current Skater of the Year, Mason Silva - to name but a few!

The company’s first video, “Spitfire”, was released in 1993 and featured, amongst many others, legends Ed Templeton, Jonas Wray, Jamie Thomas, Jason Dill and Julien Stranger. Regular video parts followed as either Welcome to the Team videos or as promotional videos for new product releases with stand out parts being Andrew Reynolds' introduction part, Mike Mo Capaldi’s introduction part (a mock "Sponsor-me" video) and Daewon Song's promotional video for the "Enter the Daewon" signature wheel model. It’s always a treat when a new Spitfire video drops and they never disappoint.

Spitfire’s reputation has been hard earned and well deserved which is why they are renowned and respected worldwide for being the best. Their wheels are hand poured and shaped in the USA and have been improved time and time again for almost 35 years. Their latest innovation is Formula Four urethane, which gives an unbeatable long-lasting performance, guarantees a fast, controlled slide and are proven to withstand greater abuse, which means they wear much more slowly than most wheels on the market. Ideal for speed, Spitfire Wheels are virtually flat spot-resistant and their superior performance and abrasion resistance is unmatched.


spitfire wheels formula four


Spitfire Formula Four’s are available for rough and smooth surfaces in a variety of sizes and durometers: 97, 99 and 101. If it’s shaped you’re after, they currently offer Conical, Conical Full, Formula Four Classics, Lock-ins, O.G. Classics, Radials, Radial Slims and Tablets. They even have Classic Bigheads in the range too, so it’s safe to say there is a Spitfire wheel to suit every rider style or need.

Spitfire also produces a full range of clothing and hardware including bearings and all manner of accessories.

Spitfire really is a skater’s company and they live and die by their mantra of Live to Burn, Burn to Live.