Slick OG T-Shirt

This year Slick Willie’s Skate Store turned 50 years old! To mark the occasion we rebranded, fully refitted the store, stocked lots of rad new brands and released our own clothing line. One of our favourite designs for the first drop is the Slick OG t-shirt, featuring none other than… Slick himself, our new store mascot.

We wanted Slick to be reminiscent of skateboard graphics from the 70s, when the store was first founded, and drew inspiration from Santa Cruz’s legendary illustrator, Jim Phillips, famous for his incredible art, such as the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand, Road Rider wheels logo, the early Santa Cruz logo, Santa Cruz Red Dot logo and the cross logo for Independent Trucks.

To bring Slick to life, we commissioned London based illustrator Sam B. Thorne to work his magic and we were so stoked with the outcome. Sam captured the essence perfectly and we can’t wait to bring you more Slick designs over the coming months and years.

You can view Sam’s amazing portfolio here and you can grab yourself the t-shirt here.