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It’s that time of year again and we thought it would be good to share our top 5 inline skate gifts for Xmas. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect inline skate gift for a loved one, or treating yourself this Christmas, we got you covered - we’ve even got some great deals to help make those funds go further during the festive season.

K2 Skates Deals on last year's models
We have been working with K2 Skates since they first came to the UK and can’t recommend them enough. K2 Skates are very comfortable, offer great value and are always crafted to a high level. We carry a full range for kids and adults with specific skates for both men and women as well as pads and helmets. So, If you’re looking for skates from one of the best in the industry, check out K2.
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FR Skates
Another major player, and one of our favourites, is FR Skates. For the inliners out there looking to to gain an edge, FR Skates are an ideal and highly recommended choice. We carry a full range of FR skates to suit any style as well as FR frames, brakes and bags, so we got you covered. Top quality build from a top quality brand!
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Undercover Wheels
The best inline wheel brand on the market. Period! Check out the full range of sizes and colours and get them on your skates as fast as you can! Again, Undercover wheels, they are all you need!
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Inline Skate Bearings
A great stocking filler! Whether you’re replacing your old bearings, setting up a fresh pair or revitalising old skates, nothing gets you rolling smoother than a new set of bearings. We have a good range from the best brands, so check them out now!
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Roces Aggressive Skates
Founded in the 1950s, you can’t say inline without saying Roces! With a long and rich heritage, and the highest quality skates and components, Roces are a solid choice! We have the latest model, longest serving skates in the scene waiting for you to skate away, the M12 and Fifth Elements! What you waiting for, go get ‘em!
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