Scooters Vs Skateboards Vs Inline Skates

We know that most of you will have a preference already – and if that’s the case, we won’t be able to change your minds anytime soon. But what about those of us who are taking our first steps into the world of wheeled transport and want something different from the usual BMX or mountain bike? Well, we’ve got three options for you which will soon have you on your way with a new-found sense of freedom. Prepare to feel enlightened as we provide you with some inspiration.

The Scooter

Starting with the new kid on the block which has made a comeback, how about one of the many scooters we carry? The beauty is in their versatility and flexibility which make them a great companion on trips to school or when riding with mates. You will find that the skill level required to excel on a scooter is lower than both skateboards and inline skates, making them a great introduction into personal travel for beginners. Riding a scooter also requires the least amount of effort as the handle bars assist you with balancing and provide a stable surface to hold on to.

  • There is a scooter available for everyone – whether big or small, young or old.
  • Our micro scooter range remains the most popular but we carry all the well-known brands of stunt scooter. We suggest that you check out our amazing range of scooters so you can see some of the styles we’ve referenced in action.

The Skateboard

The skateboard remains the transport of choice for those wishing to enter the world of extreme sports. We’ve all played Tony Hawks Pro Skater and wished we could pull off the moves possible in-game; well this is your chance. Skateboards are a personal choice with some preferring longboards for more stability at speed and some sticking with the tried and tested skateboard, perfect for ripping up half pipes. Skateboards are a little harder to ride than scooters but we find that most people pick it up pretty quickly.

  • The original way of tearing around town and honing your stunt skills.
  • A range of boards for everyone, from beginners to pros. You have got to take a look at our skateboards where we showcase the range of boards we have in stock. We also carry the parts that allow you to build or customise your own.

Inline Skates

Last but not least are inline skates, a variation of traditional rollerblades. They take their origin as a tool to assist professional ice skaters in training but they’ve become a fan favourite in their own right with a huge following. The stunt scene is as developed in inline skating as it is for skateboarding so if you’re looking for an alternative, look no further.

  • A style for everyone – from freestyle to aggressive, and children to adults.
  • We carry all the popular brands so you’re sure to find something suitable on our inline skate pages.

Pick Your Transport of Choice By now, you should have figured out where your tastes lie. The team here at Slick Willies knows all things scooters, skates and boards so make use of our knowledge by coming to visit us here at our London store at 12 Gloucester Road, SW7 4RB or by calling us on 020 7225 0004 and we’ll get you kitted out with some new wheels.