Roller Skates Vs Inline Skates For Exercise

There are two main types of skate: roller skates and inline skates. Roller skate wheels are arranged with two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back. Inline skates have between two and five wheels, arranged in a straight line. There are die-hard fans of both types of skate, and both types have some serious pros and cons when it comes to exercise.

Which one is better for exercise?
Roller skating works many muscles. It works the calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and lower abdominal muscles. Inline skating also works the same muscle groups with slightly different emphasis. With inline skates, the longer wheelbase delivers more stability but also makes it easier for skaters to fall to the side due to the narrow line of wheels. On the other hand, skaters are less likely to fall to the side on roller skates, but the shorter wheelbase and back wheels can actually make it easier to fall forwards or backwards. Whether skaters are using inline skates or roller skates, they have to work their core hard to stay balanced. This means that they use their abdominal muscles, hip movement, and get their arms involved more often too. Both types of skating are an incredible form of exercise, but which one really has the advantage? Let's take a look at both types of skates in more depth.

Where do inline skates have the advantage?
Inlines can be better for exercise because they have less resistance and are easier to move around in than roller skates which makes inline skating a more efficient form of exercise. Where one of the strengths of roller skates is their stability, the way inlines allow you to tilt side to side gives you the ability to move left to right easily. Once you're used to that flexibility, inlines are way easier to get around in. The wheel placement on inline skates stretches from the front to the back of the skate. This can help with a skater's forward and backward momentum. Inline wheels are also a smoother ride, less sensitive to slight bumps and cracks in the floor surface for outdoor activities. For many people, inlines may be easier to use and also more practical - especially outdoors. This means that you're more likely to exercise in them for longer.

Where do roller skates have the advantage?
Roller skates have a lower centre of gravity and don't tilt to the side like inlines tend to do. This makes it easier for beginners to balance their body weight on roller skates during more difficult manoeuvres. They're also great for indoor skating where the floor tends to be smooth. Roller skates are also slightly better than inline skates at conditioning your legs and glutes as they tend to be heavier, providing more resistance as you skate. Both roller skates and inline skates are great methods of exercise. Roller skates are more stable with more resistance than inline skating, while the inline skater can go faster and develop better core strength. Rollers can be used for conditioning leg muscles, while inline fans get to experience faster speeds and a smoother ride outdoors. This makes inline skaters more likely to skate for longer sessions and get a better cardio workout as a result. Which kind do you prefer? View our huge range of men and women's roller skates here.