Fun Facts About Inline Skating

Although inline skates don’t have as much of a culture attached to them as skateboards, there’s still a big scene that has grown up around them. They are seeing a new resurgence as a way to keep fit and be sociable, with skate nights planned up and down the country. So, what do you know about inline skating? Here’s some fun facts for you.

1. Inline skates were invented when a US hockey player from Minnesota was trying to find a way to practice out of season, way back in 1980.He created his own pair in his parents’ basement. Before long, it caught on with professional sports people such as figure skaters and other hockey players and then made it’s way into the mainstream.

2. The craze was invented just before the millennium. Before that, people were using quad skates, with 4 wheels set closely together, often called roller skates. Whilst these are still in use these days, inline skating has become infinitely more popular since the 1990’s.

3. Inline skates also have a retro feel, as they are associated with so much culture from the 1990’s. Movies (remember Clueless?), ads and music videos from this time show people inline skating.

4. They are also known as rollerblades. This emerged because Rollerblade was a brand of skates that became the market leader during the 1990’s. What do you call them? It probably depends on when you were born! You can buy your own pair of Rollerblade skates at Slick Willie's.

5. Inline skating is a fantastic exercise. It’s fun and easy to learn, plus it’s inexpensive. It’s low impact so it’s suitable for most people. You can do it alone or with friends, or you can make friends whilst doing it. You can push as hard as you like and start learning tricks and turns, or take part in competitions. You can also take part in competitive speed skating in at events around the country.

6. If you are just learning to skate, take some practical advice from the experts and stay close to things that you can lean on or grab onto like walls or railings. Many inline skates don’t have rubber brakes on, unlike the roller skates you may have gotten used to as a child. When you gain a little experience, you’ll learn how to stop with sharp movements, but at the start, you may find yourself stumbling or falling more often than not. If you’re more experienced on roller or quad skates, you may find it hard to reverse your stop motion, as quad skates have their brakes on the toe, not the heel.

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