Changing Wheels on Quad Skates

Hello Hello,

Today I going to show you a nice way of changing your old wheels for new ones. If you are replacing old wheels, or simply upgrading a skate with some better wheels, this technique will make your life much easier. You won’t need a tool to remove the bearings, you will only need a tool to remove the wheel nut at the beginning of the process and to replace the nut at the end.

First thing first, we want to take the your tool, whether it be a T tool or a spanner, and loosen the nut on the axle, so we can remove the wheel from the axle.
Watch out that you don’t loose your washers when removing the wheels.

Place the top washer near your nut, so you don’t loose them, and leave the bottom washer where it is. We then want to use the axle to remove the bearing from the wheel. Place the axel through the hole in the bearing and pop it off.
Watch the video to see clearly what to do.

Leave the bearing where it is and make sure the little metal spacer is on top of the bearing. Then do the same with the other bearing and leave it on top of the spacer.
This is how the bearings should look inside the wheel.

Next, take your new wheel and place it upside down on to the bearing and push it down until it is all the way in place. Take the same wheel and turn it the correct way around and place it over the second bearing and the spacer until it slots into place.
I bet you know what to do next.

Take your nut and place it on the thread of the axle before tightening it all the way. Once you feel that the nut cannot be tightened anymore, start to release it until the wheel spins freely.

You have now successfully changed your Quad wheels.

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