Best Skateboards For Summer 2020

Best Skateboards for summer

Summer is officially upon us and regardless of the downfalls of covid-19, it’s all about keeping fit, keeping healthy and starting a new hobby. Whether you’re practising in your garden, down the street or keeping a social distance at the park, skateboarding is a great way to keep active and learn new skills. Let’s take a look at our five favourite skateboards for summer 2020:

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

The Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard measures 7.75" wide and is a top-quality complete skateboard from one of skateboarding's most famous brands. This particular skateboard is suitable for any level of skater.

Powell Peralta Ripper one off blue

The Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Blue Skateboard measures 8.0" wide. This particular board is an ideal size for older teenagers up to adults. This is a premium skateboard so it’s great to get started on as a beginner as well as good enough to progress with.

Birdhouse Stage 1 blood logo

The Birdhouse Stage 1 Blood Logo Skateboard measures 8.0" wide by 31.5" long. This particular Birdhouse complete skateboard is a Stage 1 skateboard, making it an ideal pick for getting started with and learning the basics of skateboarding.

Enuff Pyro 2

The Enuff Pyro 2 Skateboard in White measures 7.75”. This particular skateboard is an ideal board for beginner to intermediate level users. The deck is made from 100% Canadian maple wood to ensure strength and durability and the wheels roll nice and smooth thanks to the abec 7 bearings.

Enuff Graffiti 2 mini skateboard

The Enuff Graffiti 2 Mini Skateboard Yellow measures 7.25” and is a great entry point board for young children who want to start learning how to skate. It is mini-sized board meaning it is narrower and shorter than a full-sized setup, this makes it easier for smaller users to learn the basics of skateboarding. We recommend the Enuff Graffiti 2 Mini Skateboard for kids aged 4 - 10 years old.

If you need any advice on the above or have any specific requirements, take a look at our full range of skateboards on our website, or contact us for more help. We stock everything from complete skateboards, cruiser skateboards and so much more. If you are wanting to build your own custom skateboard, we stock a great range of skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and so much more.