A Guide To Micro Scooters

A Guide To
Micro Scooters

A magnificent and enjoyable way to get outdoors and active is by investing in a micro scooter – they are a classic, entertaining way to get exercise into your daily routine and can be enjoyed by all ages – from children to adults there is something to suit every age and ability. Micro Scooters have been innovating for the past twenty years and are the brand responsible for designing the first folding aluminium scooter thanks to inventor Wim Ouboter. Engineered with the utmost precision and attention to detail, Micro Scooters have won a number of awards and their pioneering design means they’re used by millions of people around the globe every single day.

Choosing a micro scooter is a fantastic investment that will last for generations thanks to their replaceable parts. To quote the brand “A micro scooter is for life, not just for Christmas (or birthdays)”.

If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your pre-schooler, look no further. Our most popular option for little legs to speed ahead on is the Mini Micro Classic scooter – an ultra-lightweight (less than 2kg) option with three wheels. Available in pink or blue, these scooters have been manufactured around the specific needs and proportions of 3 to 5-year-olds up to 110cm tall. The Mini Micro range also features an intuitive learn to steer system, meaning they’re super easy for children just getting started – as the child leans, the scooter leans with them allowing them to build balance and coordination as they scoot! Children will feel comfortable in no time with the Mini Macro.

Take things up a notch with the Deluxe Micro Maxi Scooter. This award-winning scooter is a re-imagined version of the Micro Classic 3-wheeled scooter with the main difference being that it's suited to the more playful and daring 5 to 12-year-olds. It’s heavier and larger compared to the mini and features a tough anodized stem meaning it provides extra protection against wear and tear. Available in a number of colours and also coming with three wheels, the Deluxe Micro Maxi Scooter really is the gift that keeps on giving as it features adjustable handlebars, allowing you to adjust the scooter height as your child grows. The Deluxe Micro Maxi Scooter really is the ideal progression to shift to once your child reaches their fifth birthday!

If three wheels aren’t your child’s thing, then why not look at investing in a two-wheeled scooter? Our agile Micro Sprite Scooter is the perfect option for kids looking to enter the world of two-wheel scooting. Whether they’re looking for an adventure or have the need for speed, your child can do it with ease thanks to the Sprite’s clever design. The Sprite is as agile as its name suggests and features a lightweight aluminium frame, 120mm wheels as well as adjustable handlebars (for children up to 152cm), providing fun for years to come. The imaginative design of the Sprite means it’s super easy to store and transport. Featuring a handy kickstand, you can stand this scooter up all by itself or if you need to bring it on a long journey it can be folded away with ease.

Our best-selling scooter for adults is undoubtedly the Micro Speed. With its super agile and streamlined features, it’s the ultimate model for urban settings meaning it’s the perfect companion for the daily commute. One of the key features of the Micro Speed is the set of 145mm wheels, which allow you to build up momentum and speed effortlessly. The medium-sized wheels of the Micro Speed Scooter also have shock-absorbing properties meaning you can easily reach a higher speed across varying terrains for a smooth, bump-free ride. As the ball bearings in the core of the wheels are surrounded by silicone, it helps reduce any vibrations going through the scooter as you travel across uneven surfaces. Although this is an adult scooter, it has adjustable handlebars meaning you can share it with children 10+.

Here at Slick Willie’s we have a range of mini and maxi micro scooters to suit everyone and for every budget. If you’d like any advice please call, e-mail or visit us in-store.