Slamm Urban V8 Stunt Scooter - Teal

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The Slamm Urban V8 Stunt Scooter in Teal is the latest release of Slamm's Urban scooter which has featured in their range for nearly 10 years. Ideal for entry to intermediate level stunt scooter riders.

The latest version improves on its predecessor with a complete overhaul, adding an exclusive Coffin connector, redesigned extruded Aluminium fork and reinforced riser T-bar.

The Slamm Urban V8 also boasts a boxed T6 heat treated Aluminium deck, finished with a high gloss coat of paint and two-tone gradient graphics. 165mm Team grips, front and rear deck blocks, and impact resistant bar ends also feature on the Urban V8.


Deck - W 4.5″ x L 19.5″ / W 11.50cm x L 49.5cm

Bars - W 21” x H 23” / W 53.25cm x H 58.5cm


  • Height: 32.5” / 83.5cm
  • Length: 26.8” / 68cm
  • Width: 20.7” / 52.5cm
  • Ride Height: 29.9” / 76cm Ride Height is between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips

Scooter Weight - 3.75kgs

Max Rider Weight - 100kgs

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