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SUTSU KICK PUSH DECK CONSTRUCTION - 5 Ply Hybrid (3ply Bamboo, 2 Ply Maple; 70% Bamboo), 10mm Thick - Non Carbonized; Lighter Colored Texture - Glue Used In Our Decks Is Water-Based And Complies With European Standard EN71, Part 3, 1994 (Including Amendment A1: 2000) INFO - Bamboo Is Significantly Stronger Than Maple And Has A Greater Strength-To-Weight Ratio. According To The Wood Handbook (USDA), In A Hardness Comparison, The Pressure To Indent Is 1639 Lbs. Versus 1450 Lbs. In Hard Maple. The Hardest Is Hickory Pecan Which Is Around 1820 Lbs. - Bamboo Is Highly Dense Like Hickory Pecan, With A Specific Gravity Of .66-.72 (Lbs Per Cubic Foot). Carbonized Bamboo Is Even Higher. Maple Has A Specific Gravity Of .52-.63. Density Is A Significant Indicator Of Overall Strength. - Due To The Bamboo Fibers Being Small And Tightly Pressed, They Have Intense Memory (Rebound To Its Natural State) Resulting In Great Pop. The Modulus Of Elasticity Is Much Higher Again Comparing Bamboo At 10,600 MPa To 10,450 MPa For Maple With A Modulus Of Rupture Of Nearly 8,000kPa In Favor Of Bamboo. - Hybrid Decks Allow For A Deeper Concave With More Control For Street Skating