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Plan B Decks

In 1991 Mike Ternasky created Plan B and assembled one of the most dominant teams ever in the history skateboarding. He then produced what many consider to be some of the best skate video's of all time. After Mike's tragic death in a car accident the future of the brand appeared to be over. After a brief hiatus, founding team members Danny Way and Colin McKay relaunched the brand with their own version of the super team and a dream to continue the legacy of Plan B. Danny and Colin had their sights set on hand picking skaters that push the boundaries of what can be done on a skateboard.

Plan B are constantly innovating and evolving their skateboard product technology. They have one of the best professional skateboard teams in the world who they use to test the products in their range extensively before they are released to the public. This means that Plan B skateboards are put through their paces of the best skateboarders in the world, ensuring when the consumer gets the product, it can take whatever they throw at it.