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Mindless Core Cruiser Skateboard - 28.5"

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Classic looking Mindless Core Cruiser Skateboard 28.5"

New for summer Mindless Core Cruiser Skateboard measuring 28.5" long by 8" wide with a wheelbase of 16.8". This mid sized cruiser features classic graphics and is a fantastic all rounder, large enough to provide a stable ride but still nice and agile for nippy turns.

The Mindless Core range has been designed to provide boards that are the best all rounders within their niche.


  • 7-ply Canadian Maple + Rosewood Veneer
  • 5 Inch Seagull trucks with tumbling finish
  • 60 x 44mm 83a SHR PU Cast
  • ABEC-5 Chrome Bearings
  • 90kg

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