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Shark Wheels Sidewinder Formula - Red 70mm 78a

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Shark Wheels Sidewinder Formula - Red 70mm 78a

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Shark Wheels are revolutionary new longboard wheels designed to offer a lightning fast ride, more slide control and better grip through rain and rough terrains. The design is insane The main advantages of Shark Wheels are listed below

  • Faster. The design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less rolling resistance, resulting in a quicker ride.
  • More grip and sliding control. The alternating pattern equates to increased control - the width is increased, but the friction is decreased! The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. A traditional wheel only has one. When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.
  • More traction on varying terrain. The sine wave pattern smoothly funnels any debris aside, instead of ‘steamrolling’ over it like traditional wheels, allowing for firm contact with the ground.
  • Perfect rain and gravel wheels. The alternating pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning by channeling liquid, sand or gravel out and away from the surface of the wheel, allowing for a firm contact patch with the ground. Also, the rounded outer edges allow soft terrain to pass around the outside of the wheel smoothly, providing more aerodynamic functionality through soft terrain.