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Slick Willie's Skate Team

Josh Mayson

Age: 25
Sponsors: Jart, Tar Street Sports, Reckless Abandon Apparel, Etnies, Slicks
From: South East London
Favourite Setup: Jart 8.125 low/medium concave, Thunder Hollow Light 147/Tensor Mag Light 5.25, Spitfire F4 52mm/ Bones STF (thinnest profile) can’t remember if it’s v2 or v5
Favourite Skaters: Nyjah Huston coz of his style and competition ability, David Gravettte style and a gnarly fucker and Mike Mo Capaldi for front foot steez and all round tech ability

Niall Gilroy

Age: 18
Sponsors: Lakai and Slicks
From: South London
Favourite Setup: Any 8.125 deck low concave, Thunder Hollow Light 147, Spitfire F4 52mm
Favourite Skaters: Lewis Marnell becuase he’s the best, Lem Villimen for style, and Andrew Reynolds of course, but none of them even come close to joshmanjosh

Alex Griffiths

Age: 18
Sponsors: Slicks, Wight Trash, Speedrats wheels, Lifetime laces, Threesixty London, Protec
From: West London
Favourite Setup: 8.5 boards, Indy 149, Speedrats 56mm
Favourite Skaters: Jimmy Wilkins and Oskar Rozenberg - enjoyable to watch, good styles and flows

Jude Le Net 

Age: 17
Sponsors: Slicks
From: South London
Favourite Setup: 8.125/8.25 deck, Thunder Hollow Light 147 and any 52mm wheels
Favourite Skater: Miles Silvas for his cruising style, Jamie Foy because he goes ham

Liam Courtney

Age: 27
Sponsors: Slicks, Karma skateboards, Enertor Global, Stance, Supertoxic Urethane, Four D Griptape, Fallen
From: East London
Favourite Setup: 8.25//8.125 Karma deck, Dour D griptape, Thunder Hollow Light 148, bronson bearings, supertoxic 51mm wheels!
Favourite Skaters: Boo Johnson for the style and approach to skateboarding. Spencer Hamilton for his tech and steeze also… Ooh Wade Desarmo for dat effortless ambidextrousness

Ruben Clarke

Age: 18
Sponsors: Slicks, Skate Britain
From: South London
Favourite Setup: Sexy deck that doesn’t snap (8.25), Bones STF 52mm, Bones Reds bearings, Thunder Hollow Lights, Grizzly Grip
Favourite Skaters: Chaz Ortiz, Maurio McCoy because the style is too effortless

Sophie Leonardo

Age: 25
Sponsors: New Balance, Slicks
From: Western Australia
Favourite Setup: Girl 8.25, Spitfire 53mm, Modus titanium bearings, Independent trucks
Favourite Skaters: Tom Penny the mystical creature he is. Lacy baker is another one, love her style of skating and she’s just rad

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