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Grit Scooters

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Here at Slick Willie’s we offer one of the UK's broadest selections of Grit Scooters, Grit is a well-known name in the scooter industry because it's one of the original pioneers, and it has kept proving its ability to push the boundaries of design, durability and style with every new scooter it has created. Grit scooters are based in Australia, the birthplace of stunt scooter riding. With their roots firmly in scooters they have been able to develop a solid and impressive range of scooters catering for beginners, intermediates and the more advanced level scooter riders. For younger riders our best selling Grit scooters are the Atom, Extremist and Fluxx models, these are all suitable for riders that have mastered the basics in the skatepark and need a scooter that is more suited to their level. If you are looking for a high-end Grit scooter the Grit Elite and Tremor models are ridden by their pro team so you can be sure that they are designed to withstand hard riding. The Grit Invader is their top of the range scooter which is equipped with all the best parts. With products for all ability levels, Grit has a scooter that's perfect for everybody, whether you need a streamlined design to help you break speed records or a highly durable scooter that can take a good hammering at the skate park. We want people to know that they can turn to us when they want cheap Grit scooters, but just because our products are competitively priced doesn't mean they lack in quality. Grit only uses high-grade parts and materials to manufacture its long-lasting scooters, and we're proud to boast one of the most extensive selections of Grit scooters in the United Kingdom. If you would like any more information on our range of Grit Scooters please get in touch by phone or email, otherwise if you can make it into the shop come and see the range for yourself.
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