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Addict Scooters

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Here at Slick Willies, we are now stocking a range of Addict stunt scooters. The Addict Defender is a beast of a scooter for the price and comes equipped with chromoly bars and Eagle wheels as standard. A step up and you have the Equalizer, this scooter is a beast and setup to destroy the skatepark or the street. The decks are long, strong and heat-treated, allowing you to really put your heart into your stunts because you know your Addict is strong enough to handle it. Extrusion aluminium allows the magic to happen. Defenders weigh just 4.10 kilograms and Equalizers 4.35 kilograms, so you can zip and flip around on your scooter and count on getting the elevation you need for those daring feats. Thanks to the bearings on the scooters you can expect a smooth ride, too, and an exhilarating performance from your two-wheeled wonder. An Addict scooter won’t let you down. In fact, it will boost your street cred even more as you put a Defender through its paces in the streets and around the skateparks, in either its coat of cool blue and grey or of debonair black and gum; or hit the outdoors on an Equalizer, which is dressed for success in its sleek black and chrome or stunning black and green. These scooters mean business. If you want a durable stunt scooter that will serve you loyally when you unleash it on the outdoors, you want an Addict scooter. Call us to find out more about these scooters and buy one that’s as impressive as the stunts you’ll perform on it.
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