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Rollerblade Twister Edge 3WD Inline Skates

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The all new incredible Rollerblade Twister 3WD Inline Skates.

These are the all new Rollerblade Twister Edge 3WD Inline Skates, this is the first time Rollerblade have redesigned the Twister in years and the Edge have a fresh stealthy look, gone are all the air vents from the previous versions and the boot and liner work together to create a superior anatomical fit and additional comfort with its memory latex padding. The 3WD means 3 wheel drive and this version of the edge packs the three wheeled frame with 110mm Hydrogen wheels and Twincam ILQ 9 bearings.

If you are looking for a tough urban tri skate then the Twister Edge 3WD is up there with the best, all the speed of a race skate with the durabilty and support of a freestyle skate.

  • Shell and Upper - Vented, molded, lateral slider
  • Liner - Premium antimicrobial liner, specialized footbed, Shock absorber, V-cut
  • Closure - Locking cuff buckle, 45 degree buckle, laces.
  • Frame - 3WD 110 Aluminium
  • Wheels - 110mm 85a Hydrogen
  • Bearings - ILQ 9

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