Roller Skates - Buying Advice

Roller Skates or Quads as they are also known have been around since the early 1970’s and we were one of the first shops in London to stock them. They have always been popular but over the last couple of years they have really taken off and there is now a great range of choices available. This guide should help you learn a little bit more about the different types of skates and the parts on them.

All Roller Skates have 4 wheels with two at the front and two at the back, this creates quite a wide base under the foot which helps with stability and balance. Roller Skates are a good choice for younger children and people that have never skated before.


There are two main types of boot that we sell.

  • Soft Boots – This type of Roller skate has a soft material boot almost like a trainer, soft boots are always very comfortable and usually come in cool designs perfect for the Roller Disco. We would recommend soft boots for casual users that want to just have a bit of fun on their skates. The Rio Roller Skates are a good example of a soft boot skate.
  • Hard Boots – This type of Roller skate has a hard plastic shell with a soft liner inside, hard boots offer more support than a soft boot so are great for people who need a bit of extra stability or like to skate hard. One of the most popular skates of all time was a hard boot called the Bauer Turbo which is sadly no longer made but we have the next best thing the Supreme Turbo.


  • Age of Skater – For Children we have a great range of adjustable roller skates that grow with your child’s feet. They come in different size ranges so that you no longer need new skates every time their feet grow. If your feet are no longer growing we would recommend a fixed size skate as you will have a wider choice available.
  • Skill Level – Some Roller skates can be quite quick so if it is your first pair you won’t need the best of everything. Parts on skates can always be upgraded as you improve to make your boots faster and smoother.
  • Cost – There is no point spending more than is necessary but the price of a roller skate will reflect in the performance. Skates that cost more will come equipped with better parts, this will make them lighter, stronger and offer a smoother ride.


  • Wheels – The most common wheel size that quads come with is 62mm, this is a great in the middle wheel size that offers a smooth ride and great control. Larger wheels give more speed but less manoeuvrability. Smaller wheels allow you to turn and accelerate faster but have a lower top speed. For general use we recommend between 60 to 65mm Roller Skate Wheels.
  • Bearings – In the middle of each wheel are 2 bearings, these make the wheels turn and vary in speed. Roller Skate Bearings come with an Abec rating, the higher the number the faster the bearing, they usually range between Abec 1 and 9. For everything you need to know about bearings please refer to our Bearings Guide.
  • Trucks – These are the parts under the skate that have a wheel on each end. As you lean your weight from side to side the trucks will turn allowing you to steer your skates and make turns. Trucks are usually made from plastic or aluminium, plastic trucks are more commonly found on Childrens Roller Skates as they are lighter. Metal trucks are stronger and better quality and will be standard on most Adult Roller Skates.
  • Toe Stoppers – The Toe Stop on a Roller skate can be used for both stopping and pushing off to start rolling. They wear down with use which is why we carry a colourful range of replacement Stoppers. For people that need a bit of extra help slowing down we also sell a back brake kit which is used to attach a stopper to the back of the boot.

We hope this has given you a good idea of what Roller Skates are all about but if you need further information or want advice on sizing please give us a call on 0207 225 0004 or send us an email. We are more than happy to help.