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Longboard Wheels

Whether you're trying to turn sharp corners in style or reach the highest of speeds, you need to pick the right wheels for you. At Slick Willie's, we've got longboard wheels to meet your longboarding needs and style. The size of our wheels is measured in mm and the larger the wheel the faster you will roll. The hardness of each set of wheels is measured by durometer ratings on the Shore A scale, so the higher the number the harder the wheel.


We're pleased to offer plenty of variety in colour, too, as we know that our customers like to make a statement as they carve, shred and roll. Safety is imperative, so you can expect sturdy, reliable wheels in our varied selection. The renowned longboarding brand that is Orangatang is our supplier, with their quirky, colourful branding embodying the pastime perfectly.


Orangatang is our brand of choice for longboard wheels because they offer products for all skill levels. If you are new to shredding on a longboard, or perhaps a seasoned pro of the inner-city slopes, the chances are that you have come across this household brand.

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