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Loaded Vanguard Longboard Flex 2 - 42"

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Complete Loaded Vanguard Longboard with Flex 2 Deck, Randall R2 180mm Trucks and Orangatang Inheat wheels.

This is the amazing Loaded Vanguard Longboard with a Flex 2 Deck and measuring 42 inches in length.

The Vanguard is a performance downhill board which almost provides the feeling of snowboarding when riding. The deck has a symmetrical shape and stance which provides a balanced centre of gravity for the rider making it great for even inexperienced users. A nice mix of concave and camber provides faultless board control and the Randall R2 Trucks ensure responsive turns.

Loaded Vanguard Specs

  • Deck - Vanguard Flex 2, 42 inches long, Rider weight 68-95kgs
  • Wheelbase - 35 inches
  • Width - 8.5 inches
  • Trucks - Randall R2 180mm
  • Wheels - Orangatang Inheat Orange 75mm 80a

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