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Longboarding takes skateboarding back to it’s surfing roots, reminiscent of the Dogtown Z-Boys era of skateboarding in the 1970s. Longboards are designed to be carved and cruised around in a motion more like surfing than modern day skateboarding. If bombing through the city is your thing, we have the full range of Penny boards, perfect for tearing through the streets. If you’re more into full size longboards we have ranges from Mindless, Aloha, Sector nine and more ideal for cruising along the concrete waves. Buy a Longboard That's Perfectly Suited to Your Skating Style.

Some people love nothing more than mastering challenging skateboard tricks like kickflips, hardflips and tray flips while others prefer to take to the skies on their deck by tearing up a halfpipe. However, there will always be those of us who thrive on the adrenaline rush that a longboard almost guarantees as you rip through the streets at mind-blowing speeds. Longboards became the big thing way back in the 70s when surfers couldn't simply rest when the waves weren't on their side. Nowadays, there are lots of different boards available, from mini longboards with their sleek design to the more conventional full-size long-boards that offer a smooth and stylish ride.

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