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Grit scooters have been a major player in the stunt scooter world since the sport became popular and produce scooters for all levels and abilities. They have consistently sponsored some of the best scooter riders and their pro team is always a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking for an entry level model we would suggest looking at the Grit Extremist and Fluxx scooters, they are perfect for starting out and will keep a new rider more than happy. If you want something mid range then check out the Grit Elite or Tremor scooters, these are fine for riders with experience who want to test their skills. If you want the best the Grit Invader is what you are looking for, it has a pro level spec and will destroy everything in its path. For advice on our range of Grit stunt scooters please drop us an email or call, better still come in to store and check out our Grit's in the flesh.