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FR Skates Purple 4D Rockered Frames - 243mm

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Pair of FR Skates Purple 4D Rockered Frames in 243 mm

The FR Skates Purple 4D Rockered Frames in 243mm come pre rockered meaning that the two middle wheels sit slightly lower than the wheels at each end. This creates what is also known as a banana setup where when your weight is balanced forward or back only two wheels have contact with the ground. The effect of this is increased manoeuvrability and a more responsive skate, for slalom skaters this really helps when navigating the cones.

As these frames are a 243mm they will take a max wheels size setup of 4 x 80mm wheels, if you want to take away the effect of the rocker put 76mm wheels in the centre with 80mm's on each end, this will create a flat setup.

Engineered to perfection the FR 4D Frames make a great upgrade or replacement and will fit on a huge range of skates that come with the standard 165mm mounting. They will not fit on UFS or Trinity mounts.

Sold in pairs with allen keys, spacers and axles included.

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