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FR Skates FRX 310 Inline Skates - Black

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The FR Skates FRX 310 Inline Skates in Black are the entry point model in FR's line up of adult tri skates.

The FR FRX 310 Inline Skates in Black are the large 3 wheeled version of the standard FRX 80.

The FRX is the entry point point model in Fr's range of 110mm wheeled plastic shelled skates and is a scaled back version of the FR1/FR3. One of our best value tri skate models the FRX 310 is perfect for a skater who wants to try out 3 large wheels for the first time.

Despite its reasonable price the skate still packs quite a punch with its X2 310/232mm frames housing 110mm street kings wheels and twincam MW7 bearings. Make no mistake this skate is fast and will keep up with much more expensive models.

Size tip - We would usually say go between half a size to a size up as these come up a little bit tight.


  • Liner: Premium Removable FR Liner with Orthomove Insole
  • Frame: Black X2 310/232mm Frames
  • Wheels: 110mm/88a Street Kings Wheels
  • Bearings: Twincam MW7 Freeride
  • Use: Freeride, City Skating, Long distance

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