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Enuff Decade Pro Satin Black Skateboard Trucks - 129mm

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Pair of excellent value Enuff Decade Pro Satin Skateboard Trucks in 129mm

Pair of Enuff Decade Pro Satin Skateboard Trucks measuring 129mm wide. These trucks have been made by Enuff to celebrate their 10th anniversary and they are fantastic for the price. They are strong, look great and have a low mounted kingpin meaning you get extra grind space before wearing through the hangar into the kingpin. Tech Specs

  • 129mm for 7.5 to 8" max decks
  • High Profile
  • Gravity cast 356A aluminium heat treated to T4 baseplate
  • PU cast pivot cup
  • Maximum grind space on hanger before reaching axle
  • Laser cut logo 92A PU cast bushings
  • 19.5° kingpin angle provides superior turning and stability

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