Scooter Grips


    The Best Grips For Scooters

    A good grip is one of the most important additions to your scooter. When attempting a new jump or trick, it’s essential that you have the utmost confidence, which all starts with knowing your grips inside and out.

    Depending on your preference, we have scooter grips from top brands such as Addict and MGP. The grips that we offer also give you the opportunity to show your individual style and panache. There are bright red and green options through to more reserved black or grey. So, if you want a replacement grip to match your latest accessory, we have you covered.

    The MGP Grind style will provide excellent grip and is very resistant to those long hours spent perfecting that latest trick. On the other hand, if it's endurance riding you love, then the Addict OG grips will give you durability and keep the hands comfortable for hours. Want a top tip? When putting new handlebars on your ride, spray the bar with hairspray and watch them slip-on.

    Like you, at Slick Willie’s, we are always out on our scooters, so understanding what equipment you require. If you have any questions, then please contact our team of scooter enthusiasts.