81 Customs

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81 Customs are a British manufacturer who take their work seriously. All their parts are made in the UK, observing the highest standards of quality and finish while paying fair wages to real craftsmen. If you care about the UK skating scene, then make an ally of 81 Customs, because they're already doing the hard work to make sustainable British skate-craft a reality.


It's been our honour to secure a small but vital selection of 81 Customs' stunt scooter pegs, perfect for chasing those grinds without paying the price. Thanks to their unparalleled craftsmanship, these pegs will fit nearly all stunt scooters, and you can further increase variety with their range of fittings.


When you think of pegs, you may not think of style, but browse our range and you'll see that 81 Customs offer a striking range of colours and subtle, understated designs to complement the look of your scooter.


81 Customs have shown they have the staying power to give UK skaters what they need. Jazz up your scooter with the very best pegs that UK manufacturing and design has to offer, all for reasonable prices and durable enough materials that you won't be buying the same thing again in a hurry.